The Game Awards 2017 organizers have just confirmed via social media that “Death Stranding” lead actor Norman Reedus is attending as one of the presenters. The confirmation has since fuelled earlier speculations that game director Hideo Kojima could be showcasing the gameplay trailer for the game at the big event.

On Monday, The Game Awards organizers announced via Twitter that the “Walking Dead” actor is going to come to Thursday night’s live show as a presenter. Video game journalist Geoff Keighley echoed the same message in his tweet about Reedus’ attendance.

Over the weekend, Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s participation as presenters was announced online. Since Reedus is the third one from the “Death Stranding” team confirmed to be appearing at The Game Awards 2017, fans couldn’t help but speculate that the gameplay trailer for the mysterious game could be launched at the event.

Some fans are claiming that Mads Mikkelsen will very likely show up at the event as well. Or, the “Hannibal” actor could be announced as another presenter this Wednesday. Some fans are even asking Keighley to just spill the beans already and confirm that Mikkelsen is attending to witness the big “Death Stranding” announcement.

At this point, many fans of Kojima’s previous games are very eager to know more details about “Death Stranding.” Since its announcement at Sony’s E3 2016 conference, nothing much has been said about the upcoming game. Kojima Productions has already released two trailers — one at E3 2016 and another at The Game Awards event last year, but they are quite confusing and they do not give hints about the story of the game and its gameplay.

Even del Toro, who is part of the cast, doesn’t have a clear understanding of “Death Stranding.” During a recent Reddit AMA, the Mexican film director said, “Kojima-san scanned my body and face for the model over an entire day in Toronto. He needed it for the digital Avatar (and for blackmail, perhaps) and he then sent me the teaser you all saw. That’s it — He sent me toys and gifts every few weeks but NO clues. I am dying to know.”

“Death Stranding’s” release date isn’t known yet, but Kojima Productions confirmed in September 2016 that the team already has a specific date in mind. If fans are lucky, the release date could be announced at The Game Awards or at PSX 2017, which is scheduled to happen this coming weekend.

In spite of the limited information about Kojima’s first game since exiting Konami, there’s already confirmation that it will be an open world game. Kojima himself said this when he spoke with PlayStation Blog early this year. “It’s an action game — an open world game, with a lot of freedom. You have a lot of freedom of choice to do what you want to do and you can get in vehicles and so on.”

Kojima also confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show last year that there will be a heroine alongside Reedus’ character. Other interesting details about the game were subtly discussed during Mikkelsen’s guest appearance on Kojima’s “Hideo Tube” talk show in February, and they are summarized here.