‘Chicken From Hell’ 500 Pound Dinosaur
It has been called ‘Chicken from Hell’, but officially its name is Anzu Wyliel. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Scientists have discovered a dinosaur that nightmares are made of, and it has been called the "Chicken from Hell," though its name yesterday was revealed as Anzu Wyliel, meaning feathered demon.

The beastly dinosaur weighed a whopping 500 pounds, was 11 feet long, and had a toothless beak, and crest on its head like a rooster. It had long, sharp claws, and most of its body was covered in feathers. The creature lived 66 million to 68 million years ago in hot and humid environments, like North America.

But how does this dinosaur measure up to the T. Rex, possibly the scariest dinosaur of all?

Well the Anzu would have had a diet consisting of plants, eggs and small animals, and was probably a favorite appetizer for the T. Rex, who was a meat eater feasting on other dinosaurs. The T-Rex could weigh as much as nine tons, and was as tall as 20 feet. Between the two, there is no contest; the T. Rex remains the king of all dinosaurs.

Regardless, the Anzu really does look like a chicken from hell, and I wouldn’t want to mess with this dinosaur. Now it has been introduced into the scientific community with an official name, but if you ask me chicken from hell is a much better name then Anzu Wyliel.