"Mirror, mirror on the wall" has a new meaning for clubbers in Scotland. The Shimmy Club in Glasgow reportedly installed a two-way mirror in its women’s restroom, allowing men to see inside the bathroom from a private room, the Scotland Sunday Express reports.

The bathroom can be seen from two of the club’s private rooms that can be rented for $1,200. No signs in the women’s bathroom or anywhere in the venue disclose that the mirror above the sinks is two-way.

“Nowhere is it made clear that this is the case, so, when visiting the bathroom for the first time, there are women bending over the sink, pouting into the mirror to redo their lipstick, adjusting themselves whilst unknowingly being watched by people on the other side,” a female clubber told the news outlet.

Social media broke the “secret” behind the spyglass, typically used in police interrogations. Men have shared photos of themselves with the two-way mirror where women can be seen in the background fixing their hair and makeup.

“The two way mirror is only accessible through a prepaid booth, & only looks onto the female toilets. Fucking horrid,” Lauren Martin, a UK writer, tweeted.

Since the news broke, an online petition was started to have an award granted to the club’s owner, G1 Group, to be retracted. So far, it has accumulated more than 1,000 signatures.

The Shimmy Club said it has since installed clearer signage on bathroom walls to warn women that they can be seen. The club issued a statement that it installed the mirror to create a “fun, interactive design feature that would act as a talking point,” Tomo News reports.

Both the Glasgow Licensing Board and Scottish police are investigating the issue, they told the Herald Scotland. Drew Smith, a member of Scotland’s Parliament, voiced concern over the two-way mirror.

"I would urge the management of this club to board it up and show their customers some respect. Women using a washroom should not have to worry about whether they are part of some kind of bizarre peep show," the Scotland Evening News reports.