Get ready to “Scream” again! The two-hour Halloween special is airing on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. ET, and MTV has finally released the synopsis for the highly anticipated episode.

Season 2 of “Scream” concluded in August, and left off with a major cliffhanger. While Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) was exposed as the Lakewood killer and Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice, a phone call in the final moments of the finale revealed that the real Brandon James might still be alive. Unfortunately, the fate of the series is still up in the air. MTV has yet to renew “Scream” for a Season 3, but the synopsis for the Halloween special teases that there might still be hope for new episodes.

According to the Halloween special description, the two-hour installment will pick up with an eight-month time jump after Kieran’s arrest. While some time has passed, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) is still struggling after all the horrific events that occurred. Her friends appear to be moving on though. Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Segura) released a best-selling graphic novel on the Lakewood Murders, and Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) even in a new relationship. But with that said, everyone is more than happy to get out of town as the anniversary of Piper’s killing spree approaches. That’s how the gang ends up on Shallow Grove Island, a supposed haunted area where a “Lizzy Borden-esque” massacre happened.

The synopsis teases that the Lakewood survivors will “find themselves in another bloody standoff.” But the question is whether an “old legend” — or a familiar face from Lakewood is haunting them. “Could there be more ‘Scream’ to come?” the episode description asks.

The synopsis certainly doesn’t confirm a Season 3 renewal, but it does hint that it could still be in the cards. The special could open the door for a new story involving Emma, Audrey and the others.

The two-hour “Scream” Halloween episode will air on MTV on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. ET. Watch the promo video for the special above and check out some photos below:

SCREAM_EP213_0110 Will Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) break out of jail in the “Scream” Halloween special? Photo: MTV SCREAM_EP214_0223 Brooke (Carlson Young), Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Stavo (Santiago Segura) and Noah (John Karna) stumble across something shocking in the “Scream” Halloween special. Photo: MTV