Scream Season 2, episode 9
The Brandon James killer strikes again in episode 9 of “Scream.” MTV

Emma’s unraveling! The Lakewood teen has had a tough year, and things are only getting worse in Season 2 of MTV’s “Scream.”

When “Scream” left off in episode 8 Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) finally discovered Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) dark secret — she was the one that brought Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) to Lakewood. Episode 9, titled “The Orphanage,” picks up with Emma in full meltdown mode. Audrey, Noah (John Karna) and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) are trying to calm her down, but she can’t handle being around them at the moment. In fact, she takes a knife from her kitchen and stabs them all in the gut.

No, your favorite “Scream” characters are not dead. Emma was having a nightmare — only it got a little too real. She wakes up to find herself holding the blade in the kitchen.

Brooke’s (Carlson Young) day gets off to a different start. She wakes up to find Gustavo (Santiago Segura) watching her sleep. He appears to be completely smitten with her, but Brooke still thinks he’s “creepy.” That doesn’t stop her from kissing him though. The two have some serious chemistry but Jake (Tom Maden) is still on Brooke’s mind. She can’t move on until she finds out what happened to her ex.

Jake gets put on the backburner when Brooke gets to school and finds out about Audrey. Just like Emma, Brooke feels betrayed by someone she considered to be a friend. To top it off, they figure out that Noah knew about Audrey’s secret too.

Audrey wants to explain herself to Emma, but Emma’s not interested. She pushes Audrey against a locker before walking away. Kieran thinks they’d be better off leaving school, and they do — but not before discovering a tape hanging from a long piece of hair in Emma’s locker. “Play me,” is written on her locker mirror in lipstick. Did the killer leave her the tape? Or did someone else? Gustavo did steal one of Brooke’s lipsticks while leaving her room that morning.

Emma and Kieran go to her house to listen to the tape. It’s there that they learn that Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) had been secretly recording her conversations with Emma. “I need her,” Ms. Lang says, adding that Emma has “serious violent tendencies.”

What does Ms. Lang “need” Emma for? That’s not the only mystery in episode 9. Audrey wants to know who leaked her confession about Piper to Emma. Noah insists that it wasn’t him and Audrey believes him. However, she’s not so sure about Noah’s new girlfriend, Zoe (Kiana Ledé). Noah’s “unhackable,” which means that someone with access to his bedroom was the one that stole the audio recording — and all signs point to Zoe.

Noah invites Zoe over in order to clear her name. Audrey verbally attacks her, yelling that Zoe must have leaked the tape because she was jealous of her relationship with Noah. Zoe plays dumb, but ultimately confesses to emailing the file to herself when Noah’s able to trace it back to her. However, Zoe insists that she never sent it to Emma. She claims that the only reason she emailed the recording to herself in the first place is because she loves Noah’s podcast and wanted to listen to more. Audrey doesn’t believe her, but Noah does and that’s all that matters. Noah finally loses his virginity to Zoe after Audrey leaves in a huff.

Scream Season 2, episode 9
Zoe (Kiana Ledé) and Noah (John Karna) finally have sex in episode 9 of “Scream.” MTV

Meanwhile, Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) appears to be panicking about his son. Could Gustavo be the new Brandon James killer? He reveals to Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) that his son got a hold of his gun when they were living in Phoenix . He was fooling around with it with his best friend Kyle — and Kyle accidentally got shot in the face. There were conflicting reports of how long Gustavo waited to call the police. And when Acosta arrived Gustavo was as “cool as a cucumber.” In fact, he was drawing Kyle’s dead body. They moved to Lakewood to get a “fresh start.”

The Acosta’s are not the only Lakewood newcomers with a shady background. Emma and Kieran go to the hospital to visit Ms. Lang, however, things don’t go well. Sedated after her fall, Ms. Lang begins to scream and panic when she lays eyes on Emma. The teens don’t understand why she freaked out, but it’s clear that Ms. Lang is afraid of Emma. It may have something to do with her past.

Kieran and Emma witness a flower delivery for Ms. Lang while waiting in the hospital lobby. Someone sent Ms. Lang daisies. “Daisy” was Brandon James’ nickname for Emma’s mom, and it’s not a coincidence that they were sent to the injured teacher. Kieran steals the card attached to the flowers.

“Krissy, Feel better,” the card reads. “Love, Piper.”

Kieran decides to steal Ms. Lang’s keys to break into her house to search for more clues. It’s there that they discover a photo from Blessed Sisters, a school that used to be a group foster home and insane asylum. Ms. Lang went to school there with Piper when they were younger. Blessed Sisters has since shut down due to an abuse scandal, but Kieran and Emma decide to check it out to search for more clues. They call Noah, who agrees to meet them there with Zoe. The teens are ready to break into the abandoned building, but they find it packed with people. Someone decided to throw a “Face the Mask” party and put Emma and Audrey’s name on the flyer as hosts.

Scream Season 2, episode 9
Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) put aside their differences in episode 9 of “Scream.” MTV

Audrey gets a call from the killer as the others are trying to figure out what’s going on. Her stalker warns her that Noah’s days are numbered now that he’s no longer a virgin. Putting her differences aside with Noah, she races to Blessed Sisters to warn her best friend about the killer’s latest threat.

Noah, Zoe, Emma and Kieran are already inside trying to figure out what’s going on when Audrey arrives. Emma finds Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), who reveals that this mysterious guy she’s been seeing asked for her help in throwing the party. Everyone is wearing Brandon James masks, which makes Emma realize that Hailey is probably working with the killer. Noah and Zoe decide to try to shut down the party by turning the power off in the building. Meanwhile, Kieran calls the Sheriff to get him to break up the party.

The group has to act fast, and unfortunately it’s not fast enough for Haley. The Lakewood trouble maker is approached by someone wearing a Brandon James mask while in an empty room. She thinks it’s her mysterious lover, but it’s actually the real killer. She’s stabbed repeatedly and left for dead.

Emma got separated from Kieran in all of the chaos. She runs into Audrey, who is the last person she wants to see. But when Audrey tells her about Noah, the two put their differences aside to find their friend. A text from the killer brings the feuding girls upstairs looking for Kieran and Noah. However, they don’t find their friends — instead, they find Piper’s rotting body. She’s propped up in a rocking chair.

Audrey and Emma figure out that the killer wanted them to find Piper’s body because they both killed her — and that’s why their mysterious stalker wants revenge.

The episode ends with Sheriff Acosta discovering Haley’s mutilated body hanging inside the building.