Brooke Episode 107
Brooke (Carlson Young) makes a weapon to fight against the killer in episode 7 of MTV's "Scream". MTV

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) continues to be a pawn in the killer’s game of chess in "Scream" episode 7. This time she played right into the killer’s game and accidentally gave the masked psycho a fifth murder victim.

In the beginning of the episode, Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) wakes to find Will (Connor Weil) missing while Will wakes duct-taped as the killer looks at him squirming and trying to scream. He holds one finger up to the Brandon James mask to tell Will to be quiet.

Emma receives a text from Will saying he tried to makes things right the night before but failed. After not seeing him in school, Emma goes to Jake (Tom Maden) and Brooke (Carlson Young) to see if they’ve seen him. Piper then intervenes and brings the three of them to the garage where she last saw Will. Piper tells them everything that happened the night before and shows Emma a message written on the wall that reads, “No Cops Emma.”

After Emma asks the group for a second alone, her phone rings and she hears a frantic Will on the other end, which quickly turns into the killer’s voice. “New game, hide-and-seek, just like Brandon and Daisy used to play,” he says.

Kieran and Emma Episode 107
Kieran (Amadeus Serafini, left) was forced to lie for Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) in episode 7 of MTV's "Scream". MTV

Emma goes to find Noah (John Karna) after not being able to get hold of Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), whose phone is off because she’s making up midterms she missed while under arrest. Emma asks Noah to help her find Will’s phone because if they don’t, Will could die.

Brooke finally confronts her father, Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt), to see if he knows anything about Will’s attack and disappearance. She calls him out about the video of him moving a body that Jake and Will were using to blackmail him. He tells her what she saw wasn’t what she thinks, but he refuses to talk about it further. Brooke tells him if he had anything to do with Will’s disappearance and if her mom wasn’t OK, she would not protect him.

Noah is able to track the phone to an abandoned building, and he, Emma, Jake and Brooke set off to find Will while Kieran covers for Emma who is missing an awkward dinner with Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles), her mom Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini).

The group discovers they’re in an abandoned bowling alley and the four split up into groups of two, which is never a good idea in a horror story. While searching the alley, Jake tries his best to flirt with Brooke, revealing he knows about her fling with Mr. Bronson (Bobby Campo). He then leaves her on her own because “nature calls,” which is when Brooke comes face to face with the killer, but manages to escape to where Emma and Noah are.

Not far away, Emma and Noah find Will with his wrists tied. Noah and Emma cut Will down and after a few moments where it looks like he’s gone, he regains consciousness. Will said Emma shouldn’t have come for him, but Emma said it was her fault he was there in the first place. In addition to the stab wound in his stomach, Will is also complaining of back pain. Emma lifts up his shirt to find “B4” carved into his back.

Emma and Noah Episode 107
Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Noah (John Karna) search for Will (Connor Weil, not pictured) in episode 7 of MTV's "Scream". MTV

Emma turns around and finds a tape labeled play me. Emma finds a tape deck and inserts the tape, which is of her father talking, revealing Emma’s mother had slept with Brandon, too.

Noah, Brooke and Will look for Emma, but when they swing open the door they find the killer standing there. Will holds the door and tells Noah and Brooke to run. When Brooke runs away she finds Jake near one of the lanes with one of his knives through his chest. She pulls it out for him.

Meanwhile, Audrey receives a frantic call from Noah and then drives over to Emma’s house to find out what’s going on. Maggie and the Sheriff discover Emma lied about where she was and Audrey tells the Sheriff Noah said they were at the abandoned bowling alley.

Emma goes back toward the lanes and the killer is seen right behind her. She sees him and starts to run. Just when you think the killer is going to get her, the killer is blindsided by Will who tackles the killer to save Emma. At this moment the police bust into the alley and the killer takes off out the back door.

Police search the entire bowling alley, but they come up with no killer. One officer asks how someone can disappear into thin air while the camera pans all the characters, subtly telling the audience the killer is someone familiar.

After the bowling alley, it seems like all is calm for the moment. Despite being stabbed Will and Jake were going to survive, or so it seemed.

Emma told Kieran she needed time to figure out what she wanted after she saved Will and Will saved her. Will calls Emma and invites her over to watch a movie, which she agrees to do. When she arrives she gets a call from Will, only to discover it wasn’t Will.

The killer felt Emma hadn’t learned her lesson after she forgave Will for lying to her. He tells Emma it’s now the bonus round in the game and she’s going to be the one who hurts Will. She runs through a stable and finds Will strapped to a chair with a large, sharp piece of farming equipment used to cut crops above his head. When Emma runs to untie Will she hits a trip wire which turns on the equipment and cuts through Will leaving her covered in gore.