Kieran (Amadeus Serafini, left) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald, right) search for answers in the abandoned home of Brandon James in episode 6 of "Scream." MTV

With the killer still at large and roaming Lakewood, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and company are looking for answers for who has been killing their friends. Police believe they may have found their suspect in episode 6.

Picking up where we left off in episode 5, where Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and Emma hook up in the woods. After Emma decides she wants to face her fears and go to Brandon James' old home.

There she finds a fresh Daisy, which is clearly a hint to Emma's mother Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) whom Brandon James knew as Daisy. As Emma continues to explore the house, Kieran disappears and Emma receives a phone call from the killer. She finds herself locked in the home when she comes face to face with the killer who stabs her.

When Emma falls to the floor, the killer kneels over her and allows Emma to remove the mask. When she pulls the mask off she's looking right back at herself, who says, “It ends with you,” before going for the fatal stab. Emma then awakens to realize it was a dream.

Maggie Episode 106
Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) looks into the yard where Brandon James used to live in episode 6 of "Scream." MTV

Noah (John Karna) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) zero in on Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) as a suspect using webcams of his students to find his victims. There's a little homage to the original 1996 slasher film here as Noah suggests everyone's a suspect, including himself and Audrey.

Shortly after this, Detective Lorraine Brock (Sophina Brown) discovers evidence that suggests Audrey is a suspect in the killings and she believes Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) and Maggie overlooked evidence that pointed to her. The police then show up at the high school and take Audrey into custody for questioning

Brock questions Audrey and discovers on the night of Nina's (Bella Patterson) murder Audrey was with Rachel (Sosie Bacon). However, the only person who can verify that is Rachel, who is now dead. Chief Hudson intervenes as Brock wasn't supposed to be questioning Audrey without the presence of a guardian since she is underage.

Once Audrey's father, Pastor Jensen (Anthony Marble) shows up, the questioning continues and Brock reveals Audrey's DNA was found on the inside the mask found at the abandoned hospital. Audrey's father tells Brock no more questions without an attorney and then asks to speak to the detective in private. Audrey is then able to sneak a phone call to Emma and tells her to find the SD card from the night of Nina's murder and destroy it without watching it.

Emma and Kieran
Emma (Willa Fitzgerald, left) and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini, right) in a still from episode 6 of "Scream" MTV

Emma and Noah break into Audrey's home and find the SD card in one of her drawers. As soon as they find it, Brock and police arrive on scene with a warrant to check the home. The two retreat into Audrey's room and are able to escape out the window.

Noah and Emma retreat to Noah's video game palace, but can't bring themselves to destroy the card. Emma then gets a call from her mom telling her Detective Brock wants to see her because Brock knows Audrey called Emma.

Emma refuses to tell Brock anything and says she believes it couldn't be Audrey, to which Brock replied by saying you never know since “every killer is someone's friend, someone's family.”

Audrey and Noah watch the video Audrey wanted destroyed, which showed her having an angry meltdown the night Nina uploaded the video about her and Rachel. She says by the time she's done with Nina, she'll never bully anyone again. The tape would've been enough evidence for the police to find motive for Audrey to kill Nina and also pin Rachel's death to her as well.

Scream Killer
More secrets about Brandon James's past were revealed in episode 6 of "Scream." MTV

With Emma struggling with how to deal with the situation, Maggie takes her to her childhood home and explains the background story of where she and Brandon "Bran" James began.

It turns out Emma's mom and Bran were childhood friends who would leave each other pictures and notes. In high school Brandon learned of issues between her and Emma's father, and Brandon went to the dance that night 20 years ago to tell her she deserved better.

Someone overheard and told the dad which is when the fights began, but she's not convinced Brandon snapped. She left a note for him to meet her on the dock, but her dad saw her leave and he called the police. Brandon was so scared and she said she didn't think he did it and if she spoke up for him he could still be alive and wouldn't have been shot down by the police. Maggie doesn't want Emma to make the same mistake and said if she believes Audrey is innocent then she needs to speak up.

Emma goes to Brock and backs up Audrey saying she stopped Audrey from going to Nina's that night and confessed to Audrey about her role in taking the video, giving Audrey an alibi and saying Audrey didn't make this known to police to protect Emma. This frees Audrey and makes the two friends even closer.

Will (Connor Weil) searches for redemption in episode 6 and podcaster Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) suggests she can help him with that. After stealing the money and phone from Jake (Tom Maden), Will then sets up another meeting in the abandoned garage with Brooke's father, Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt), to give him back the money and phone with the video on it. Piper is in the background the whole time and hears the transaction unfold.

Maddox, who was seen removing a body from the trunk of a car in the video, tells Will to remember there's a killer on the loose before leaving. It's still unknown if the mayor killed his wife. Brooke (Carlson Young) continues to search for answers.

When Piper and Will go the leave, the killer emerges from the background and stabs Will, knocking Piper to the ground. Will is then dragged away by the killer as Piper lies on the ground dazed. Both their fates are unknown heading into episode 7.