• Bravo Team will go on a dangerous mission.
  • Jason will be back after his surgery.
  • Some soldiers may die in the mid-season finale.

Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) will return as the leader of the Bravo Team in “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 10. A promo video of the next episode shows the soldiers heading into a dangerous mission that could claim the lives of some of them.

After coming back from his surgery, Jason will once again lead the Bravo Team. Meanwhile, Ensign Davis (Toni Trucks) will face disciplinary action, according to the plot synopsis of the next episode.

The mid-season finale will be action-packed, and the ending may keep the fans guessing about the possible deaths of some of the soldiers. The promo video shows the Bravo Team facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Bravo Team appears to be trapped in a building in the preview video. After dealing with a live grenade attack, the team will have to face thick smoke that will make it hard for them to breathe. The video ends with several soldiers incapacitated after the attack, including Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley).

A sneak peek scene of “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 10 shows the team split into two groups. Sonny’s team is facing the problem of smoke entering the building that they can’t seem to be able to stop. The soldiers are running out of oxygen, and they need Jason and the others to come in and help.

Will Jason be able to save his friends? This is the Bravo Team leader’s first mission after his surgery. Losing a member of the team may impact the character’s confidence in the future missions.

Another sneak peek scene of the next episode shows the team being briefed about the mission. The target is a Russian arms dealer who has been supplying weapons from China to Iran. Davis will be called in during this briefing.

“Seal Team” Season 3, episode 10 is titled “Unbecoming an Officer.” It will air on Dec. 11 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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