• "Seal team" Season 3, episode 14 promo videos have been released
  • Bravo Team will get NASCAR driving lessons
  • Their mission will be a foreign traning exercise

Bravo Team will get to have some fun in “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 14. The promo videos that have been released online show the soldiers racing NASCAR cars and enjoying some healthy competition before heading out for their new mission.

According to the official plot synopsis, Bravo Team will get some special driving lessons from NASCAR driver Austin Dillon. A preview video teases scenes of the racetracks where the soldiers will get to drive fast cars.

A sneak peek scene shows Sonny (A.J. Buckley) is a big fan of Austin and he has even seen the driver race in Texas. Austin in turn loves Texas, and the two of them will bond over the subject.

Jason (David Boreanaz) will propose a friendly competition among the Bravo Team. The team members will not race against each other at the same time, but each of their times on the racetracks will be timed to see who has the fastest lap.

Sonny will be on the top with the best lap among the soldiers until Jason gets into the driver’s seat. A preview video of “Seal Team” Season 3, episode 14 shows Jason taking on the challenge and beating his team member’s time. “Watch and learn Sonny boy,” Jason says in the video.

The Bravo Team will get to have some fun, but they will also have a challenging mission in the next episode. According to a promo, the main mission for the soldieries will be a training exercise in a foreign country.

The training exercise is only a part of the mission. Bravo Team’s main task will be to extract a Pakistani scientist who will be secretly working on a nuclear program. A scene from the next episode shows how the mission will not go according to plan.

“Seal Team” Season 3, episode 14 is titled “Objects in Mirror.” It will air on March11 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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