• The second elite specialization beta will begin this Tuesday
  • Anyone with a "Guild Wars 2" account will be able to participate
  • New specs for the Warrior, Revenant and Elementalist will be available to try

The latest batch of elite specializations will soon be playable for beta testing this week following ArenaNet’s devstream, which showed each new spec in “Guild Wars 2” in action.

Like the previous beta week, the second trio of playable specializations will be available for all “Guild Wars 2” players regardless of whether or not they pre-ordered “End of Dragons.” This beta test will run from Tuesday through Saturday, and each player will have dedicated character slots to make their new trial characters.

This week, the playable elite specs will be the Vindicator, the Bladesworn and the Catalyst. Here’s a quick breakdown of each for those who missed the devstream.


These Revenants invoke the power of Canthan champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor to decimate foes with the unrelenting might of the Mists. With a greatsword in hand, Vindicators can deal damage to large groups of enemies while inflicting the Vulnerable and Chill debuffs.

Vindicators gain access to a range of mobility skills that make them more agile than the other Revenant specializations. They can also invoke the spirit of Archemorus to throw spears at enemies or call upon Saint Viktor to heal nearby allies at the cost of their own health.

The Vindicator, a new elite specialization for Revenants in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons The Vindicator, a new elite specialization for Revenants in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Photo: ArenaNet


Evolutions in Canthan technology and battle techniques have resulted in the birth of the Bladesworn, a different breed of the Warrior class that uses the Gunsaber, a two-handed sword fitted with a firearm that can unleash devastating damage in a single strike.

The Bladesworn revolves around ammo management and the use of the new Dragon Trigger class mechanic, which puts the Warrior into a Samurai-style Iai stance that can be followed up by a number of different moves.


This new Elementalist specialization grants them access to a slew of new Hammer abilities that can be used from up-close and mid-range depending on their elemental attunement. Catalysts can channel the power of astral beasts into wells of power via their Jade Spheres.

Catalysts can destroy enemies with overwhelming barrages of elemental force while giving their party members a variety of buffs and constant access to finisher combos. This specialization also provides Elementalists with decent defensive and mobility options to keep them in the fight for longer.