Witch cures cancer
A self-proclaimed witch from New Orleans, Louisiana, claimed in an interview on Sept. 21, 2017 that she cured cancer using dark magic. Getty Images

A self-proclaimed witch from New Orleans, Louisiana, claimed in an interview Thursday that she can cure people of cancer by means of black magic or the "Left Hand Path”— one of the approaches to magic in Western occult, a feat that has reportedly earned her thousands of followers.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, Black Witch S, also known as Savannah, said she helped “heal” a police officer from Los Angeles who was suffering from acute stage 4 leukemia last year by talking to her "demon guide" Astaroth (a male demon, according to demonology).

However, according to the Sun, there is no medical evidence to suggest she has actually cured anyone .

According to Savannah, the mother of the police officer wrote to her, asking for a cure. She said: “The mother of the 23-year-old wrote to me and asked me what I could do to help because the prognosis was not good. Her son was an LA police officer and the case really hit home for me because I have a son around the same age.I knew I had to act very urgently in his case.”

Savannah stated that she then used a combination of voodoo dolls, calling out to spiritual connections for help. “Then I connected psychically to this young man and I filled up his aura with healing energy," she said. “I also connected to my spirit guide Astaroth — a demon who uses the power of Lucifer — sometimes known as Satan.”

“There’s cases of this sort all the time - it’s not just a one-off," she said.

Although she conceded in the interview that some may be skeptical of her claims, she insisted that they were true and that demons were “extremely powerful.”

Savannah is also active on YouTube where she posts on black magic on her channel “Black Witch Coven.” According to her, she teaches people how to use demonic spells to gain money, power, revenge or success either through private consultations or her YouTube channel, where she provides tutorials on everything from how to break up a couple to making money.

However, she also warned in the interview about the dangers of dark magic.

“This kind of magic can be dangerous because if you dabble in it and don’t know what you are doing it can attract lower level spirits or entities - what I call parasites," she explained. “I always say you shouldn’t do magical acts inside your home if you have young children because children are more open to connecting to the spiritual world through their sixth sense and imagination.”

Savannah admitted that black magic is still not acceptable even though she claimed more number of people were turning to the occult,

“People can be very critical of what I do," she explained. "It’s not acceptable. But the occult is not about going out there and making sure everyone agrees with what you are doing.”