Sense8 Season 2 release date
“Sense8” Season 2 will be released on Friday. Netflix

“Sense8” Season 2 is almost here! Ten episodes will follow the group’s next adventure as they try to save Will from Whispers on the Netflix drama. With the exception of the Christmas episode, fans have been waiting over a year for the new season, so it’s safe to say that they’ll want to tune in the second it’s available.

“Sense8” Season 2 will premiere Friday, May 5 on Netflix. The east coast fans will need to get the coffee brewing. The season won’t be released until 3 a.m. EDT. Those on the west coast have a slightly easier wait. All 10 episodes of “Sense8” Season 2 will be released at 12 a.m. PDT Friday.

Those who want to watch “Sense8” Season 2 will only be able to watch on Netflix. It’s produced exclusively for the streaming platform. If you managed to avoid getting an account thus far, it’s fairly easy. Just sign up on either the Netflix website or the Netflix app. New users qualify for a free trial for 30 days, but returning users must pay for an account. Subscriptions start from $7.99 a month.

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“Sense8” follows a group of psychically linked individuals from all over the world. A mysterious organization led by Whispers (Terrence Mann) started hunting them down. While saving Riley (Tuppence Middleton) in Season 1, Will (Brian J. Smith) ended up psychically linked to Whispers. The villain can get into his head and find out where he is. While they search for other options, Riley is keeping Will in a heroin-induced haze to prevent Whispers from being able to find them.

In the Christmas special, it was clear that Whispers is willing to go to any length to get to Will, even threatening his father. However, Will learned that he can visit Whispers too. He’s searching for a weakness while hiding from the villain.

They aren’t the only ones on the run in the holiday episode. Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and Amanita (Freema Agyeman) are trying to hide from Agent Bendix, who knows that Amanita is hiding her girlfriend. They decide to leave the womens shelter for a friend with a boat, but they finally end up staying with Amanita’s dads.

Elsewhere, Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) and Lito (Miguel Silvestre) are officially out as a couple after photos of the two in bed were leaked to the press.

Sense8 Lito Hernando
Lito (Miguel Silvestre) and Hernando (Alfonso Herrera) are out and proud in “Sense8” Season 2, which will be released Friday on Netflix. Netflix

Capheus (Toby Onwumere) is gifted a new bus by Mr. Silas. The businessman is also opening a free clinic, but Capheus worries it’s just a way to smuggle drugs.

In jail, Sun (Doona Bae) is refused retrial, and a “lawyer” attempts to kill her. Luckily, the sensates step in to help her fight for her life. She survives and is also finally released from solitary.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) and Kala (Tina Desai) are still avoiding their feelings for each other. Wolfgang has more life threatening issues, like gang wars, to worry about, and Kala has a marriage that’s falling apart. When Kala and Rajan (Purab Kholi) try to have sex for the first time, Kala sees Wolfgang and his random hookup in bed, and she accidently injures Rajan’s groin. Her husband starts to notice that she isn’t attracted to him and suggests divorce, but Kala kisses him and insists they stay together.

The second season is sure to bring more intense drama for the cluster. “On the run from Whispers, and forced to question their very identity, it’s a matter of survival as the Sensates must find a way to live with, understand and protect one another against all odds,” according to Netflix’s official Season 2 description.