Sense8 Capheus
Toby Onwumere (left) is now playing Capheus in “Sense8.” Netflix

Some “Sense8” fans were a bit shocked when they tuned into the Christmas episode. When Capheus was last seen, Aml Ameen was in the role. Now, however, Toby Onwumere is playing the bus driver. Audiences had a quite a few opinions about the Netflix drama’s recast.

The “Sense8” Christmas special addressed the switch in a cheeky way. Capheus’ friend Jela (Paul Ogola) asked why he was looking a so different. Capheus just blamed it on his new barber. It seems some fans didn’t appreciate the sudden change, though.

However, many viewers welcomed Onwumere with open arms. Several fans also went on Twitter to express how impressed they were with his portrayal of Capheus.

Onwumere was cast in the role earlier this year. Ameen abruptly left in the middle of filming “Sense8” Season 2. He had already filmed a couple episodes when he was replaced. There are rumors that the actor had trouble getting along with director Lana Wachowski, Deadline reports.

It seems Onwumere, who recently graduated from UC San Diego, had no trouble bonding with his new cast mates. “I stood back for a minute and thought, Wow. The testament to this show is when you see these people with this unified energy, you want to be a part of that,” he told BuzzFeed in May. “And that’s the message of the show: We are all connected. And I felt connected to them as soon as I got there.”

Onwumere will get a chance to shine even more when “Sense8” Season 2 returns. While the Christmas special was a one-episode event, Season 2 will consist of 10 episodes. It premieres May 5 on Netflix.