A preliminary release candidate for the updated Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) of Microsoft Corp. is on track to offer another public preview in February.

In December 2008, the first public beta of Vista SP2 was released to the general public but the latest release known as the RC-Escrow build was made available to a restricted group of testers only together with a similar test version of Windows Server 2008 SP2.

It’s not a surprise for if the release is made for testers, an Escrow build is a version on which development has stopped but that is handed to developers and testers, who are asked to dissect out the code one final time to make sure there are no show-stopping bugs.

According to sources, the official availability of the service pack coming sometime in the second quarter of 2009 in which it is believe to contains all the updates made available since SP1 was released in March last year.

The much awaited release include a blue ray support, Bluetooth 2.1 Feature Pack, Universal Time Coordinated (UTC ) timestamp support and of course the Windows Search 4.0 that will improve relevancy and faster searching. Note: (Windows Installer 5.0 is only available in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which are both in beta.)