‘Shades Of Blue’
Will Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) be able to trust his colleagues again in “Shades Of Blue” Season 2? NBC

Shades of Blue” Season 2, episode 8 recently saw Tufo (Hampton Fluker) and Loman (Dayo Okeniyi) getting into a huge fight.

In “Unpaid Debts,” Tufo made it clear that he wants to help his brother, Wallace (Samuel Smith), pay off his debt. In order to do so, Tufo sought help from Loman who agreed to work with him almost instantly. Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) instructed the two that they should give the drug dealer back the car so everyone could be freed. But before doing so, Loman wanted to open the trunk of the car to see what’s inside. Tufo urged him not to do so because this could just risk Wallace’s and everyone else’s lives.

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Unfortunately, Loman still insisted on opening the trunk, and this sent Tufo into a rage. He confronted the former by saying that he’s been acting as though he’s a victim when he’s clearly not. In the previous episode, Loman tried to find out information about their boss, Wozniak (Ray Liotta), and his relationship with Donnie Pomp (Michael Esper). Loman also questioned Wonziak and Harlee’s loyalty when the latter said that she’s been working as an informant for the FBI.

During their confrontation, Loman fired back at Tufo by saying that he was indeed a victim of a half-baked plan. The two were also involved in the heist that almost cost them their lives and their position in the unit. Tufo replied by saying that Loman is a grown man, and he knew exactly what they all went there to do.

Elsewhere in the episode, Harlee also had the chance to come face-to-face with Stahl’s (Warren Kole) ex-wife. The lead character told her that Stahl has been tracking her every move. Stahl’s ex-wife encouraged Harlee to report her ex-husband to the police, but Harlee said that Stahl has connections inside. By the looks of it, the two women could join forces in the upcoming episodes of the hit NBC TV series.

“Shades of Blue” Season 2 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.