Here are three other characters would like to see in “Shadowhunters” season 2. Freeform

“Shadowhunters” Season 2 will introduce a new character from Cassandra Clare's “The Mortal Instruments” book series.

It has been announced that the role of Maia, a bartender who has a double life as a werewolf, will be featured on the Freeform show. The role will be played by Alisha Wainwright.

In the books, Maia joined Luke's (Isaac Mustafa) pack. Viewers of the show will remember that before the first season ended, Luke became the alpha of his pack, which is headquartered at the Jade Wolf. Maia, in the books, also became a love interest for Simon (Alberto Rosende).

Before the first season ended, it looked like Simon already jumped into a relationship with Maureen (Shailene Garnett) despite still being in love with his best friend Clary (Katherine McNamara). Will Maia's inclusion to the series mean that Maureen will be pushed to the curb?

Before former showrunner Ed Decter exited the project, he mentioned in an interview with TVLine that Maureen will transform into a bigger character. Now that he is no longer part of the series, it remains unconfirmed whether the plans made when he was still there will be executed. Decter also said that there will be major things to expect about Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) and Luke.

Meanwhile, the addition of Maia to the list of characters was given lukewarm reception by fans. While they are happy that the character will be introduced, there are other characters they have more high hopes in seeing. Below are some of them.

1. Sebastian

Sebastian, who was born Jonathan, is Clary's older brother. While still in his mother's womb, his father, Valentine (Alan Van Sprang), experimented with giving his mother doses of the demon Lilith's blood. As a result, Sebastian became a shadowhunter-demon hybrid.

2. Seelie Queen

The world of the Seelies was already introduced in the first season via Isabelle's (Emeraude Toubia) connection to Meliorn (Jade Hassoune), but fans are already eager to see the faeries' queen.

3. Jordan

Fans would also like to see Jordan Kyle, who, in the books, is a werewolf romantically involved with Maia. If he does get introduced, fans will definitely see a new love triangle that might rival Clary, Simon and Jace's (Dominic Sherwood).

“Shadowhunters” Season 2 has yet to be given a premiere date.