Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is ready to get hitched … again.

In Season 6, episode 9 of the Showtime series, the Gallagher matriarch accepted her second marriage proposal — this time to Sean (Dermot Mulroney). And because Fiona will be slipping a rock on the very same finger that recently sported an engagement ring from Gus (Steve Kazee), Fiona will do everything she can to make her second marriage different from her fiery, short-lived first one.

According to the synopsis for episode 10, titled “Paradise Lost,” Fiona is interested in taking her time to plan a traditional wedding this time around. That means getting married in a church, wearing a white dress down the aisle and, oh yeah, waiting until her wedding night to have sex.

“No sex before the wedding. It’s tradition,” Fiona says to her fiancé, who’s not too thrilled with the idea ... especially because it’s also tradition for “the bride [to be] a virgin.”

But Fiona is adamant about have a white wedding, hoping that if she goes by the book, her new marriage won’t turn out like the last — crumbled and broken. After all, the last time Fiona agreed to get married was after a crazy “sex bender” with Gus, which is why she’s taken sex off her wedding to-do list.

“This time it’s going to be different,” Fiona says to Sean while simultaneously trying to convince herself.

“Look, if you want all the wedding hoopla you got it,” Sean replies. “But our marriage is going to be different than the other one because it’s us.”

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