• The protective order is valid for seven days until Thursday morning
  • Shanna Moakler has not yet filed a separate restraining order to extend the order beyond the initial week
  • Matthew Rondeau allegedly grabbed Moakler's face and neck and threw a chair at her, leaving visible injuries, a police report says

Shanna Moakler has been issued an emergency protective order against her on-again, off-again boyfriend Matthew Rondeau.

A police report obtained by Us Weekly confirmed that an officer granted the 46-year-old former Miss USA the protective order against the 29-year-old model after Rondeau was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department and charged with felony domestic violence Thursday.

The report detailed the alleged dispute between the pair, stating that Rondeau allegedly "grabbed [the] victim by the hair, [swinging] her by the hair on the ground.”

Rondeau then allegedly "grabbed [Moakler's] face and neck, threw [a] chair at [the] victim and urinated on [her], leaving visible injuries," the police report said.

Officers on the scene also noted that firearms were seized, according to the report.

The protective order is valid for seven days until Thursday morning. The "Celebrity Big Brother" alum, who had been dating Rondeau on and off since 2020, has not yet filed a separate restraining order to extend the order beyond the initial week.

Rondeau has been ordered not to "harass, attack, strike, threaten [or] assault" Moakler nor contact her directly or indirectly "by any means. The order also stipulates that Rondeau must stay at least 100 yards away from her and move out of her home immediately.

Prior to the alleged dispute, the two put on a united front and denied rumors that they were having issues in their relationship.

When Moakler was evicted from the "Big Brother" house, she was asked if she was bitter over her ex-husband Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's romance, and she insisted that she is focused on her "happy" relationship.

"I think people, because of things that have happened in the press, or comments that I have made, people think that I'm really obsessed with the relationship or I'm bitter or I'm jealous, but I'm really just not," she told Entertainment Tonight after being eliminated from "Celebrity Big Brother."

"I'm in a relationship and I'm really happy, and it's just not something that's centered in my world, and that's why I was so excited for this 'Big Brother' opportunity because I wanted America to see me for who I was, and not necessarily what's pumped out to the masses and the media sometimes," she added.

However, a week after the interview, Rondeau accused Moakler ⁠— who shares son Landon, 18, and daughter Alabama, 16, with Barker ⁠— of being fixated on the Blink-182 drummer and sleeping at a married man's house. Their conflict allegedly escalated during the "CBB" finale.

An unnamed insider told Us Weekly Friday that Moakler "is doing OK and is just recovering from yesterday's traumatic experience." The reality star also has no plans of ever getting back together with Rondeau, the source claimed.

After Rondeau was released from custody Thursday, he posted a statement via his Instagram Story insisting he would "never lay a hand on another woman."

"My mother is my angel and my best friend. She raised me right," he continued. "I'm safe and I’m just moving forward. I'm just mentally drained and in complete disbelief. The love of my life has made me out to be the villain. This will be my last post for a while. God bless everyone who actually knows the truth of who I am and how I am as a man."

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