shape of water hellboy prequel
“The Shape of Water” earned multiple Golden Globes 2018 nominations on Monday. Fox Searchlight Pictures

One of the most pressing questions viewers have after watching the fantasy-drama “The Shape of Water,” about a relationship between an aquatic creature and a janitor in the 1960s, is whether or not it’s a prequel story to “Hellboy.”

This thought is so common because there are many characteristics pointing to the idea that the two films are related and that “The Shape of Water” is actually a “Hellboy” prequel story about Abe Sapien.

For one, both movies were written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. Two, the Amphibian Man in “The Shape of Water” bears a striking resemblance to Abe in “Hellboy.” Three, both of those creatures were played by the same actor, Doug Jones. Not to mention that Amphibian Man and Abe share similar personality traits, as well, like their mutual love of classical music and eggs.

The story of “The Shape of Water” is also fairly similar to the backstory of Abe Sapien that viewers were told about in “Hellboy.” Abe was contained in a water-filled glass tube during the Civil War, as was the Asset, or the Amphibian Man.

Alas, the two stories are not connected, according to del Toro himself.

Many fans wanted answers so bad to this question that they asked the director about it on Twitter. “Is ‘The Shape of Water’ a prequel to Abe Sapien,” one Twitter user asked. “The design and love for eggs reminded me a little of it!”

Del Toro merely replied, “It is not.”

And there fans had it, the short and simple answer to their burning question.

Apparently viewers weren’t accepting this response, as one replied: “It’s not a prequel but he didn’t say anything about it not being Abe.”

Well, he hadn’t before, but he did this time.

“Not Abe,” del Toro tweeted. “At all.”

Well, with the screenwriter’s short and quick replies, it seems like that’s the end of that discussion.