Shark Week is nearing an end, but there’s still plenty of programming for fans to bite on.

On Thursday, Discovery will bring lovers of these elusive creatures to a faraway island to learn about illegal fishing and migration patterns. Shark Week fans should prepare for a journey to the rainforests of Costa Rica, where Dr. Craig O’Connell and Andy Casagrande will take a major step toward creating an effective shark repellent.

Below is a complete outline of the Shark Week lineup for Thursday, June 30:

“Nuclear Sharks”

9 p.m. EDT

Join Philippe Cousteau and wife Ashlan Gorse Cousteau as they explore the marine environment of Bikini Atoll. The area was once believed to have been destroyed by nuclear weapons testing and now appears to be filled with reef sharks — but how did they get there?

“Jungle Shark”

10 p.m. EDT

Bull sharks have been inhabiting Costa Rica’s Serena River, which is also filled with crocodiles, for quite some time now. Dr. Craig O’Connell and Andy Casagrande are on a mission to discover their reason for being there despite the danger, while also working on a shark repellent.

“Shark After Dark”

11 p.m. EDT

Tune in to talk sharks with host Eli Roth and a celebrity guest.