Shayne Lamas and husband Nik Richie welcomed their baby girl on 11/11/11.

The couple named their daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie.

How did Lamas and Richie come up with the name Press?

Her name came to us at the beginning of my pregnancy, because she was getting so much press, Shayne told E! News before the birth.

It started as a joke, her nickname was 'Press Baby,' but when we found out it was a girl, suddenly that was her name -- her name was going to be Press!

I think Press is a beautiful name, we're elated, little princess Press! Lamas said.

The baby weighed in at 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was born at 12:01 p.m. on Friday in a scheduled C-section delivery, reported TMZ.

Lamas' husband, Nik Richie, is the blogger behind the infamous celebrity gossip site, TheDirty.

The couple married in Las Vegas last April after meeting each other for the first time just hours earlier, according to the Daily Mail. Of course, this garnered Lamas and Richie some press themselves.

During her pregnancy, Lamas got even more attention for her scandalous outfits and stark naked photo shoots. The 26-year-old frequently pranced around in bikinis and posed naked before giving birth.

Lamas is used to life in the limelight. She is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, a popular 1980s soap opera actor.

Shayne has dabbled in acting a bit. She appeared in General Hospital and Monster Night. She even starred as herself in the E! reality series Leave it to Lamas.

The pretty blonde was also a contestant on ABC's The Bachelor: Season 12. Lamas was the chosen girl for Bachelor Matt Grant. The two engaged in the season finale of the show and then split in 2008.