Sherri Shepherd's current husband Lamar Sally recently filed for separation from the TV host and actress. Reuters

"The View" co-host Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband Jeff Tarpley is attempting to gain full custody of their 9-year-old son after he claims she is neglecting her duties as mother.

TMZ reports that Tarpley filed an emergency request in April to make changes to the current custody agreement between the pair. In the documents, Tarpley claims that their special-needs son, Jeffrey Jr., struggles to write, reads at a second-grade level and is unable to tie his shoes. He is asking for full physical custody of the boy, saying that Shepherd’s work as a host of “The View” and her participation in other TV shows and movie roles has caused her to neglect her duties as a parent.

The emergency request was filed ahead of Shepherd’s current husband, Lamar Sally, filing for separation.

Tarpley also makes claims that Shepherd often leaves their son with “unskilled nannies,” their son is falling behind in school, and suffers from low self-esteem.

Shepherd’s ex-husband is requesting that their son be immediately moved out of her New Jersey home and into his California residence. Shepherd followed up Tarpley’s filing with her own, claiming that he was an “absentee” who deserved to have “no part” in the life of their son. A judge ruled in Shepherd’s favor, denying Tarpley’s request for physical custody.

Still, a hearing has been set by the judge for July 2014 where Shepherd and Tarpley can settle the terms of their custody battle.

In his case, Shepherd’s current husband is requesting that he receive custody of his unborn child with Shepherd. The child is being born with the use of a surrogate.