“Shovel Girl” Emily Olinger could be in a lot of trouble. A video of her fight with Miranda Fugate went viral and gained national attention, and now the sheriff’s department is investigating the fight, according to Dayton, Ohio, news site WHIO-TV.

"It was a real fight," said Josh Officer, 14, of Tipp City, who recorded the May 4 incident with his cell phone, the news site reported. "People were thinking it was fake and stuff on the ‘Dr. Drew Show.’ It was completely real. (The girls in the video) have been wanting to fight for about a year now."

The fight between the two 14-year-olds was apparently over a boy. Fugate, who was hit in the head with a flying shovel, is in the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center for an unrelated incident, WHIO-TV reported. Olinger is slated to appear in court next week to see if she will face charges for hitting Fugate in the back of the head with a shovel.

The video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times already, shows that the girls prepared to fight in Olinger’s backyard. Before they exchanged punches, Olinger allowed a barefooted Fugate to pet one of her chickens. Once they were ready to fight, they laid out the rules: no hair pulling and no scratching. Then they got to business. When Olinger was ready to end the fight, Fugate kept trying to attack her, which is when Olinger threw the shovel at her head.

"I told her to leave again, and she refused, so then the first thing I saw was my shovel. I picked it up and then she said, according to WHIO-TV, 'OK, OK' and by the time she said she was done, I already hit her with it," Olinger said. "I've been bullied ever since I was in the fourth grade, and that's why I hit her with the shovel, because I'm tired of it."

Fugate, who has become known as “Shovel Girl,” went to the hospital after the fight and said the attack gave her a concussion and left her deaf in one ear. She may need surgery. "She was mad because she lost, in my opinion, and grabbed the shovel," Fugate told the news site.

Maj. Steve Lord from the Miami County, Ohio, sheriff's office is questioning the teens to determine if the video is a hoax. "Anytime you're dealing with an assault that's potentially deadly, you run a risk. In this case, what the law is going to look at in Ohio is whether that injury is substantial physical harm or less than serious physical harm. If it's determined to be serious physical harm then that could be a felony," Lord said.

"Also, if you start hitting people in the head with a shovel, it can lead to death," he said.

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