A Vine video hit the Internet Tuesday where a girl hit another girl in the head with a flying shovel. Many Vine and Twitter users thought the clip was hysterical. Deadspin initially referred to it as “one of the best pieces of American cinema,” but the laughter started to fade to worry when a death hoax emerged.

Thankfully, the victim, who has been identified as Miranda Fugate from Ohio, isn’t dead. Vine user Josh Office, who posted the Vine clip of Miranda getting hit in the head with the flying shovel thrown by “frenemy” Emily Powers, updated his account to squash the rumor.

At least three Vines of the incident have been uploaded, courtesy of Office, but they don’t seem to be enough to quell the rumor that “Shovel Girl” is dead. The fight has over 75,000 views. An 8-minute video was uploaded to YouTube but has since been taken down.

Satirical news site Huzlers originated the rumor. The site said Miranda “collapsed and died instantly” from severe head trauma. Huzlers wrote that Emily was to be charged with manslaughter. This, of course, is all a hoax.

The clip has pelted Miranda into Internet stardom. The Twitter handle @miranda_fugate has nearly 25,000 Twitter followers, and part of her profile description reads, “Yes im the one who got hit with a shovel.” Idigitaltimes.com wrote that her original Twitter account @fugate_miranda was suspended. The Twitter user claiming to be Miranda seemed to relish the attention early Tuesday, but by the evening she seemed to regret being called “shovel girl.”

Many have begun to draw comparisons to the “Sharkeisha” video where a girl slugs an unsuspecting friend in the face when she isn’t looking. The video went viral and spawned memes and recreations. It seems like Miranda is on the same path.

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