Things are about to get even more complicated for fans still able to play “Fortnite” on Apple devices.

As the company continues to weather a legal battle with Epic Games, the “Sign In with Apple” feature is set to be stripped from its titles – including “Fortnite” – as early as Friday. Players that utilize this feature will have to manually change their login credentials before the change goes through, which Epic has provided a guide for.

“Sign In with Apple” has been a mandatory feature on apps that use third-party login options – including Google and Facebook, reports The Verge. While some have decried the requirement as another strict Apple mandate, some have lauded the feature as an alternative to the ones from companies that harvest such information for advertising purposes.

While “Fortnite” made up the lion’s share of Epic’s presence on the iOS platform with around 116 million players, according to a recent filing, the change is bound to also affect user ability to access the Epic Games Store and its developer client.

Apple and Epic Games have recently become embroiled in a protracted legal spat over the former’s 30% App Store royalty fees. When Epic went against App Store policy and added its own in-app purchase system to “Fortnite,” the massively popular game was yanked from the store.

Pictured is a gamer playing "Fornite." AFP/Chris DELMAS