• "The Sims 5" is one of the much-awaited titles from EA
  • A recent report claims "The Sims 5"  could feature online, competitive mode
  • A new job listing may have revealed one of its major game-changing features

EA and Maxis remain tight-lipped about anything that has to do with "The Sims 5." However, this does not mean that fans would not find a way to unearth something that could be related to the much-awaited title. The latest leak claims that the next "The Sims" installment could feature a new mode and a new experience.

The latest information that could be related to "The Sims 5" comes from a new job listing by EA and reported by Dexerto. Based on the listing, the company is currently looking for a Senior Native Designer for "The Sims."

A new job posting stating that EA is looking for a ‘Senior Narrative Designer’ for The Sims seems to address this concern with the current game. However, it may indicate that the developers are shaping up to fix their flaws going into The Sims 5. One of the responsibilities of the successful designer includes "Partner with UX to design, research, and implement features, particularly for introducing narrative elements and decisions."

The Sims 4
"The Sims 4" was released a year ago, and publisher Electronic Arts created an infographic to celebrate. EA

The job listing also mentions that as a Senior Narrative Designer, “You will use your passion and knowledge to lead the development of the narrative experience from initial prototypes through final design.” Additionally, it suggests that stories may be featured in the next "The Sims" title. Fans saw backstories, family trees and relationships in "The Sims 2" and "The Sims 3."

Earlier this month, another job listing sightings claimed that "The Sims 5" would feature multiplayer competitive or online mode, which disappoints many fans. The job listings are for Backend Software Engineers for "EA Redwood, EA Canada and EA Austin for an upcoming 'Sims' game." In the description, EA says that it wants “software engineers who are capable of developing massively scalable and reliable web services that will support millions of players, as well as other responsibilities during the game’s development."

According to EA, the successful engineer would be able to "creatively blend security best practices and original techniques to keep user data secure and prevent cheating." For fans, this suggests that the game will have a competitive mode since cheating in multiplayer, competitive and online games is rampant.