• "Valheim" is currently available in Steam Early Access
  • The game is coming on consoles too
  • "Valheim" has nine biomes and three secret locations

"Valheim" features an expansive, procedurally-generated world with a lot of interesting spots, animals and activities to do. While the majority of the players spend most of their time in the known biomes, there are secret biomes that some of them have not yet explored. Here are some secret biomes in "Valheim," including tips on how to get there and the things that players could find.

Three Secret Biomes

The three secret biomes in "Valheim" are the Ashlands, Mistlands and the Deep North. While the usual biomes randomly appear on the player's map, these three have somewhat fixed locations. Players must pack extra caution when exploring these biomes, given the high risk of environmental dangers that could easily kill them.

Also, content in Ashlands, Mistlands and the Deep North of "Valheim" are not permanent and would most likely change in the coming days. For adventurous players who want to venture to the not-so-known biomes out there, each of these locations features a specific terrain. This seemingly sets the precedence for a potential boss launching in these biomes soon. There are instances that other enemies wander in these locations, but in a lot of instances, hostile creatures, by far, are seen only in Ashlands.

'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings
'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings AFP / Kilian FICHOU


Ashlands is a smoke-filled, barren region with the random occurrence of minor vulcanic activities. Many fans believe that it is an allusion to Norse Mythology's Muspelheim, a location protected by Surtr. Players can find Surtlings and mine Surtling Core in Ashlands. It is located towards the southern pole of the world of "Valheim."


Unlike the Ashlands, the Mistlands is filled with ancient trees and appears like a murky forest filled with cobwebs. The biome is scheduled to have its own update via the game's fourth major patch. Giant skulls and spider webs can be seen in the area, while some fans reported occasional sightings of wandering Fenrings.

Deep North

As the name suggests, the Deep North is located in the northernmost part of "Valheim." It is a cold biome and more volatile than the Mountains biome. Players planning to venture into this location should prepare protective gears to avoid freezing to death. Currently, there are no resources available in the Deep North and going beyond this location could kill players.