Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Skype app for Android OS. Getty Images/ASIF HASSAN

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Skype app for Android OS. The release of this new update comes weeks after the Redmond giant leaked the new features that are arriving on the mobile app.

According to MSPowerUser, though the new update indeed comes with the features Microsoft previously teased, they are not anything major. Thus, users shouldn’t expect to see big changes on the app once they have installed the new version.

For the most part, the update brings improvements to the Calls tab of the app. The interface of the Calls tab has been tweaked in order for the user experience to be more seamless. The tab now has quick call options and a new dialer button.

Another tweak that is very conspicuous once the update is installed is found in the Group Call UI. Users will now have a clear picture of who is speaking at the moment, since the feature now indicates who is the active speaker at any given time, as per GSM Arena.

In addition, the Skype update has fixes for the audio issues that users encountered in the previous version. The changelog indicates that with the new update, the audio routing issues present when playing voice messages have been addressed.

The developers also stated in the official changelog that they are open to suggestions and comments about the update. They even encourage users of the app to use the app’s “Send Feedback” feature if they have ideas they think would help improve the Android app.

In late October, Microsoft announced its plan to "modernize" Skype with the addition of new features. Back then, the company revamped the Calls tab to be a section that is dedicated to showing all the different types of calls users can do — Skype-to-Skype audio or video, mobile and landline calls, as reported by MSPowerUser at the time.

For owners of Android devices that already have Skype, they can get the latest version of the mobile app from the Google Play Store. For tech consumers who have yet to install the app, they can download it from the Play Store as well.