Sleepy Hollow season 2 spoilers
What will happen when "Sleepy Hollow" returns with Season 2 this September? Sleepy Hollow

Did you hear the news, “Sleepy Hollow” fans? According to reports, it has been officially confirmed that Season 2 of the supernatural Fox drama will be airing not 13, not 15 but 18 episodes when the Alex Kurtzman created series returns this September. We know, we know – we’re pretty excited, too. But you might want to hold off celebrating for now because we’ve got some more Season 2 scoop for you that you’ll definitely want to hear.

“Last year, ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ in its first season, was making mini-movies every week,” Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Fox Broadcasting Company, confirmed on a conference call with reporters. “It was a big show. We stopped when we felt we could put out a creatively excellent product. I think the show ended on a high note, as opposed to teasing it out for six or nine episodes, and having it barely hold together, and having a lot of repeats to get there.”

But now the creators decided to try something a little different come Season 2 that will both please Fox and the fans.

“Next year, our order on ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is 18 episodes,” he explained. “We will have almost 18 in a row. They are now in series production a good two months before just about any returning drama on television. The show is going to be really, really strong.”

Don’t believe him? Just check out the plethora of sneak peek photos that “Sleepy Hollow” released on their Twitter account! Meet new characters, including who will be playing Benjamin Franklin, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of bloody battles and get your “Sleepy Hollow” fill before the Season 2 premiere airs this September. Can you spot any spoilers within the images? Chime in with your finds in the comments section below and stay tuned for more “Sleepy Hollow” scoop: