Snapchat year memories story
Snapchat added a new story for users that compiled all of their memories from the year on Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017. Snapchat

Snapchat is finally giving users what they’ve been asking for since stories and memories were introduced to the app. Wednesday, Snapchat made it possible for users to see their memories from the year all compiled into one long “2017 Story” in memories in the app. Snapchat added the new feature because users had been asking for it, and since memories has been live for over a year, it’s finally possible to make a story for the whole year.

The new feature dropped a few days after Christmas so it was a bit of a surprise for users who had been wishing for the compilation of memories from the year.

The new “2017 Story” won’t be made up of every single Snap users added to their stories throughout the year unless they saved every single story to their memories in the app as well. Memories and stories are different features and the new “2017 Story” is solely a compilation of the saved memories. Memories are any Snap a user hits the “save” button on after taking. They can be searched, edited, exported, turned into their own stories as well. Stories, on the other hand, are simply the Snaps users decide to make available to all of their Snapchat friends.

How to get the “2017 Story” on Snapchat:

The story will automatically appear in the app for users who have used memories over the last year. To access the story users simply have to swipe up on the home screen of the app or select the memories icon that sits right below the capture button. The story will be at the top of the list in the “All” tab of memories. This is also where users can edit the story, save it, or share it with other users in the app.

Snapchat 2017 story, embargo wed 1 pm
Snapchat released a "2017 Story" feature for all users on Dec. 27, 2017. Snapchat

What’s in the “2017 Story”?

The video and photo Snaps included in the story are categorized and then chosen and arranged together by Snapchat to make the best story by Snapchat using details like location, date and time. This means everything from traveling to selfies will be included to make one compiled story in the app. But users will be able to edit their “2017 Story” if there’s something in it they want to remove or replace, and a user’s story will only be visible to them until they choose to share it with other Snap users, according to Snapchat.

snapchat 2017 story embargo dec. 27 1 pm
Snapchat users can now edit the "2017 Story" Snap created for them from their memories from the year. The feature was added to the app Dec. 27, 2017. Snapchat

The “2017 Story” will roll out to users on Wednesday, but it may take longer for some users to get it than others. If for some reason the story is not showing up, users should update their app to ensure it is the latest version. This can be done by checking the App Store or Google Play.