Snapchat has introduced its new 3D Camera Mode. The new feature will be limited to specific devices but can be viewed by anybody through the Snapchat app. The new mode is also compatible with the app’s various filters and other customization options.

According to the official Snapchat site, the 3D Camera Mode allows the app’s users to take 3D images through the app. The 3D Camera mode provides a sense of depth to your pictures as the 3D image allows its viewers to see it in different angles.

The new mode will also come with 3D Effects which can now be found on the Filter Carousel. These added designs will also behave in conjunction with the 3D picture too. Animations, light streaks, confetti, sparkles and other add-ons will still be available for this new feature. Overall, the new feature adds more depth to the customization options that’s currently available on Snapchat.

While the new feature seems exciting for many Snapchat users, the feature is only exclusive to newer iPhones starting from the iPhone X onwards. These phones currently have the technology to take 3D pictures with its improved camera. Snapchat users without these phones can still see the 3D pictures through the app.

Even with the 3D Camera’s new features and designs, taking these photos out of Snapchat would revert it back to a regular image. Sharing 3D pictures made on Snapchat will not be transferrable on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Since Apple devices mostly have the 3D camera, pushing out the feature for many smartphones may take after a year or two until the whole social media has full access on this feature.

Other than the 3D Camera mode, Snap also has recently announced the Spectacles 3 that comes with a Dual HD camera. The dual HD camera technology allows the smart glasses to take pictures with depth. Potentially, Snapchat could be preparing to answer the lack of 3D cameras of smartphoneswith this smart glasses.

We’ve yet to know when Snap will announce the full list of compatible smart devices for the 3D Camera feature.

Snap has unveiled sunglasses that can take 3D pictures to be shared on its Snapchat messaging service
Snap has unveiled sunglasses that can take 3D pictures to be shared on its Snapchat messaging service AFP / Martin BUREAU