Snapchat is set to add BuzzFeed as one of its partners for its Discover feature, according to a report Thursday. Pictured: A billboard displays the logo of Snapchat above Times Square in New York in March 2015. Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Snapchat will be shaking things up on its Discover feature some time next week and again in late summer, switching a number of its current publishing partners with new ones that include BuzzFeed and Vox, a report said Thursday.

Discovery is a feature on Snapchat that shows users' content designed specifically for the ephemeral messaging app from a variety of media outlets including ESPN, CNN and Yahoo. On Discover, each publisher gets its own channel that users can tap on. Next week, about two or three new publishers will be added, while the same number of existing partners will be removed, according to Re/code. The same will happen again in late August or September.

Vox will be among the new partners added in late summer while BuzzFeed has also been confirmed by Re/code, although it remains unclear when the popular website will be added. Snapchat is also in talks to add Mic as a partner. Among those publishers who will be removed is Warner Music. Food Network could also exit the feature.

For Snapchat, Discover is a critical piece of its business. The Los Angeles-based messaging app introduced the feature in January and uses Discover to run ads targeted at its users, which tend to be millennials. Just last week, Snapchat introduced a redesign that makes it easier for users to access Discover content.

With the upcoming changes, Snapchat appears to be adding publishers whose content is already popular with teens and young adults on the Web. Snapchat declined to comment.