Snapchat has significantly altered the way its app works. Users no longer need to hold down on snaps to view them. Bloomberg/Getty Images

Snapchat has announced an update to its app that means users won't need to hold down on the screen to view Snaps any more.

Instead, Snapchatters can simply tap on a snap to view. The company explains on its blog that it made the change to make the app easier to use. "This means no more tired thumbs while watching a several-hundred-second Story… and a little getting used to for anyone who has been Snapchatting for a while," the company said.

Snapchat has also announced a new Add Nearby feature. A group can now add itself by calling up the Add Nearby list to see a list of local users. Tapping on a name adds them to their contact list.

Snapcodes, the codes that allow others to add Snapchat users when they take a Snapchat of the code, have also been upgraded. The app now accepts screenshots of snapcodes through the Add Friends field, meaning users won't need to take pictures of the code via Snapchat anymore. The company has also added the option to include a selfie in the middle of the code.

Earlier this month, Snapchat updated its app to include new battery life filters, camera switching during videos, and two-step verification. The verification process means Snapchatters can request a code sent to their phone beofre they log in in order to bolster security.