A portrait of the Snapchat logo in Ventura, California, Dec. 21, 2013. Reuters

If you're having trouble sending Snapchats, you're one of the many Snap users experiencing some issues with the app. Today, users were complaining that the social media photo-sharing app was crashing unexpectedly or not working. Some users were reporting that the crash came specifically when they tried to use filters, while for others the crash occurred randomly less than a minute after opening the app. The crash was sometimes also accompanied by an error message that read "Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped," users reported.

The issue was reported on by many users were taking to Twitter to make complaints. Snapchat's support account on Twitter had not sent a tweet to all of its followers but was responding to complaints individually.

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However the account wasn't offering any fixes, it was just asking users to send a direct message regarding the issue or said they were looking into the issue.

Other users were taking to Twitter to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issues as them.

Users trying to keep their Snap-streaks going were particularly upset by this. Some users have been spontaneously losing their Snap streaks with no fix available.

If the same issue has been happening on your phone there are a few solutions you can try before getting in contact with Snapchat.

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How to get Snapchat to stop crashing:

First, make sure your phone's software as well as the Snapchat app on your phone are up to date. Snapchat updates the app regularly to fix glitches and bugs so updating may help solve the problem. Check the "Updates" part of the App Store or on Google Play. If Snapchat isn't listed, then you're running on the most recent update.

Next, try completely closing out the app and re-opening it. Don't just exit the app and use another one, actually close the app so that it's no longer running. You can also try logging in and out of your account.

If none of these tricks successful get the app to stop crashing, your next step is deleting the app all together and then re-installing it. This will also ensure that you're running the most recent version of the app possible and serve as a sort of reset for the app. Make sure you know your password before doing this because you'll have to log back in once you re-download the app.

Lastly, make sure you're not using any third-party apps for Snapchat. Snap prohibits this, according to the terms of service of the app. Such apps or plug-ins can compromise the security of your account and even the security of the people you Snap. If you have a third-party app or plug-in installed you may have trouble logging into your account or Snapchat may lock the account. Snap advises that you delete such apps and change your password after you do so.

If none of these solutions work, you may just have to wait out whatever glitch is causing the app to crash.

International Business Times reached out to Snapchat about this issue but has not yet received a response.

Update, 6/27: Snapchat users are reporting the app keeps crashing Tuesday. While Snapchat has not commented on the outage, many users took to Twitter to say Snapchat is down after the latest Android update.

Update, 8/15: Once again Snapchat appears to be down. Snapchat has yet to comment on the outage but users are reporting acorss the globe that Snapchat is not working.

Update, 11/6: Snapchat users were experiencing issues with the app on Monday, Nov. 6. More specifically, users were having a hard time getting the app to refresh and load or send new Snaps. Many users took to Twitter again to make sure that they weren't the only one suffering from the issues on the app.