Saturday Night Live has the Muppets to thank for coming to the rescue during last night's show, hosted by Jason Segel.

In the opening skit, Jason Sudeikis' lackluster interpretation of a raw and unleashed Mitt Romney fell flat. But then Jason Segal came out and the Muppets joined him on stage to save the night (or at least the opening monologue). Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Scooter accompanied Segel on a fun little ditty entitled I Can't Believe I'm Hosting 'SNL.' The song referred to Segel's first time headlining the Saturday night comedy.

Entertainment Weekly noted this particular sketch and how, if it is any indication, The Muppets movie should be just as delightful. If this opening monologue... was any indication of how funny, heartfelt and nostalgic The Muppets will be, I think we're all in for a treat come Wednesday.

The Regis Philbin replacement skit was mediocre at best. The tired, kissing family skit reemerged with the usual grotesque display of affection, Thanksgiving-style. Paul Rudd was its only salvation. 

Then Florence Welch hit the stage to perform and she brought the entire night up some octaves. Florence + the Machine played Shake It Out and No Light, No Light. The performances were most definitely the highlight of the night (no offense, Muppets). Welch's haunting, otherworldly vocals rocked Studio 8H. Presumably, the entire audience immediately exited to go purchase their new album Ceremonials.

After that, Weekend Update - which has been quite disappointing as of late - was revived, once again, by Kermit and a surprise appearance by GOP candidate John Huntsman.

The digital short, How to Seduce Women Through Chess, featured a quick cameo by actress Olivia Wilde. This sketch was a definite upgrade from Andy Samberg's Wish It Would Rain from last Saturday.

In spite of the weak skits, Segel is still a beloved comedian. He made up for any previous falters from the night with the Andre the Giant Gets an Ice Cream bit. 'Moostracks'? Who names this? I would call it 'Fudge, plus vanilla, with some peanuts in it.' His drawn on eyebrows were an added perk.

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