Apple to Fix iPhone Battery Life 'in a Few Weeks' [TIPS]

While iPhone customers have been flocking to Apple forums to find solutions for the measly battery life on the new iPhone 4s, Apple has kept quiet; until now, Thursday, when the company admitted that there were a few bugs in the latest iOS 5 operating system that they would aim to fix in a few weeks.

iPhone 4S Battery Drain: Apple Confirms Bugs in iOS 5

Finally, disappointed users of Apple's newly-released iPhone 4S have been given some respite, after the company broke its self-imposed silence regarding the growing complaints about the smartphone's poor battery life.

iOS 5.0.1 Update Will Fix iPhone 4S Battery Life Problems, Apple Promises

Apple introduced a beta version update of the iOS 5 operating system (iOS 5.0.1) to developers which promises to fix battery life problems with the new iPhone 4S as well as other devices. Currently only available to developers, many sources say the update will be available as early as this weekend.

iPhone 4S Battery Life Problems: 10 Tips to Improve Bugs in Apple Software

Apple users have been reporting a host of battery problems on the iPhone 4S, noting rapid battery drain and power glitches in the new iOS 5 software. Here are ten tested methods to improve battery life on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with iOS 5, including step-by-step instructions to turn off apps like Time Zone, iCloud and Siri.

iPhone 4S Battery Life: 7 Tricks to Make it Last Longer

In an ongoing debate about battery life in Apple devices, new research shows the iPhone 4 reigns supreme compared to the newly released iPhone 4S in terms of a longer lasting battery life. Here are 7 simple tricks to make the battery life last longer on the iPhone 4S.



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In an effort to confirm whether Jordan Jefferson was involved in a bar fight last Friday, police in Baton Rouge searched the LSU quarterback's home on Wednesday. The fight left four people hospitalized, one with broken vertebrae. All will recover, but the playing careers of the football team members involved may not be so lucky.
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A 36-year-old Los Angeles woman was arrested for allegedly grabbing a baby from its stroller and slamming him against the metal railing of a truck reports the Los Angeles Times.