Selena Gomez Reaches Out To Fans After Justin Bieber Battery Incident [PHOTOS]

Memorial Day Weekend was not the love-fest Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might have had planned. E! News reported that the teenybopper couple would reunite, after their busy schedules had kept them apart for some time, over the holiday weekend. But an incident at a Calabasas mall proved to be a dark cloud over the reunion.

New iPad 3 Battery Problem Can Be Fixed With These Simple Tips And Tricks

Apple's new iPad has been having multiple problems since launch. The latest to surface is problems with battery overcharging which can cause some serious problems if not addressed soon. There seems to be a bug in the new iPad software, which is why it is not alerting the user when the battery is fully charged. It means even after the battery charge indicator shows 100% charged, the battery keeps on charging. The repercussions for users could be dire as a battery could explode, and we're su...

New iPad 3 Battery Problem: Guess What Apple Has to Say?

Apple has finally bowed to pressure from the media and has made a statement about the battery problems plaguing the new iPad device. What Apple had to say caught us off guard. We are unable to come to terms with what Apple said - whether what the company is saying is pure cover up or the truth.

New iPad 3 Battery Charging Problem Makes Users Charged Up

Just one week since has passed since Apple's new iPad went on sale, and there's already trouble in paradise. Many owners of the brand new tablet have complained about excessive warmth - the new iPad can get up to 13 degrees warmer than the iPad 2 during normal operation. But there's a bigger gripe - users are complaining about how the battery of the new tablet charges.

Apple New iPad '3' Release: Cases, Accessories That Extend Battery Life

To power all of the new features in the new iPad on 10 hours of battery life, Apple upgraded the iPad 2's rechargeable battery and made it substantially bigger -- about 70 percent. Since the battery also drips when it's plugged in, we have four power cases for you that will recharge your new iPad on the go.


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Apple New iPad vs Asus Transformer Prime TF700T: Two Power-Packed Performers

The superior display and much improved processing power are among the major features that will certainly help the New iPad stay ahead of its arch rivals in the tablet market for quite some time. However, that doesn't mean that Apple won't be threatened for the crown. When it comes to raw processing power, Asus TF700T Transformer Prime, does stand out in the crowd.
New iPad Announced: Do HD Features Mean Better Battery Life?

New iPad Announced: Do HD Features Mean Better Battery Life?

Apple fans were sure to be glued to their computer screens today, as a San Francisco event revealed information about the next generation iPad. Simply referred to as “the new iPad” at the event, the gadget will feature HD display and is available for purchase on March 16. But with a host of new features there is an important question to consider: Does better display mean better battery?
Tesla Roadster and Mode S

Tesla Says its Model S Battery Will Not 'Brick'

The soon-to-be available electric Tesla Model S sedan will not experience permanent battery failure that has been reported in earlier Tesla models, like the Roadster, whose batteries completed discharged and could not be recharged, the manufacturer said.
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Has the Battery Run out on India's $35 Tablet Computer?

A $35 computer launched last year in India as the world's cheapest tablet has run into problems and companies will be invited to bid again to make the device after complaints of poor performance and hiccups rolling out a pilot model.