Apple's iOS 9 will arrive with some exciting new features, but some are already available on other mobile operating system platforms. Reuters

Apple's iOS 9 operating system was showcased June 8 at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 in San Francisco, and the first developer preview beta is now available for users. Even though Apple is boasting about new features of the iOS 9, most are already available on Google's Android and other operating systems for mobile platforms. Phone Arena has outlined several features of iOS 9 that can be found on Android Lollipop and older versions:

Apple Maps

Apple Maps on iOS 9 will come with live traffic and public transit directions support. However, these features are already available on Google Maps for Android and also on the Maps and Here Maps app on Windows Phone 8.1.


The Siri voice assistant has been significantly improved on the iOS 9. Like Google Now, Siri can now answer queries inside the Search interface. Phone Arena adds that asking questions of Siri previously resulted in providing answers simply through a Web search.

Voice Search

The iOS 9 brings the voice search feature inside Spotlight. The feature has been renamed Search on iOS 9. Previously, if a user wanted to perform a voice search on an iOS device, he or she had call out to Siri to ask queries. However, the voice search is available on the Google Search bar and comes integrated on different apps, such as YouTube and Google Chrome.

Apple Music

At the end of June, the Cupertino, California, tech giant will launch its Apple Music service that will allow users to access millions of songs through paid subscriptions. Android and Windows Phone 8.1 already have been providing such digital music service through Google Play Store and Xbox Music, respectively.

Low Power Mode

The iOS 9 will come with a new feature called Low Power mode, which will conserve battery life by dropping the brightness and performance of the device. It also restricts network connectivity and prevents apps from functioning in the background. The Battery Saver feature has long existed on Windows Phone 8.1 and Android devices.