Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch displayed in Japan. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Nintendo Switch will allow gamers to play games on their TVs and easily transition playing into handheld mode. However, it’s now been discovered that not all Switch games will actually be playable in TV mode.

The game “Voez” from developer Rayark has been confirmed to be only playable on the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode. The developer announced “Voez” as a Japanese launch title for the Switch a few days ago and this little detail was featured on the game’s FAQ section, as per Kotaku.

"Voez" game page's FAQ section translated from Japanese through Google. Fly High Works

“Voez” for the Nintendo Switch appears to be a Japan-exclusive launch title. There’s no word yet on an international release.

“Voez” was actually first made available last year for iOS and Android devices. Being only playable in handheld mode for the Nintendo Switch makes a lot of sense considering that the game depends on touch controls. However, this does bring up a lot of questions regarding other games coming to the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch’s marketing has always focused on allowing users play games on TV mode at home and in handheld mode when on the go. Nintendo hasn’t really been showing off games that are touchscreen-only.

This begs the question whether other developers will be allowed to simply build games intended for the Switch’s handheld mode and not for TV mode. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed yet if developers are allowed to build touchscreen-only games, as pointed out by GameSpot.

However, this does make the Switch a bit more accessible for a lot of mobile game developers. This might open up the opportunity for more smartphone/tablet games to make the jump to Nintendo’s newest console.

This might also be another sign that Nintendo is truly phasing out the 3DS, and positioning the Switch as its sole hardware platform for both handheld and home TV gaming, as pointed out by PCMag. The Nintendo Switch launches wroldwide on March 3 with a starting price of $299.