Sony Interactive Entertainment Chief Executive Officer and President Jim Ryan shared a lot of interesting details about the PlayStation 5. We have seen leaks and heard rumors and speculations over the past months but hearing news directly from the horse’s mouth. Among the interesting revelation about the PS5 is Ryan sharing Sony’s plans for the next generation gaming console.

In an interview with Games, Sony’s Jim Ryan shared fresh details about the PlayStation 5 in anticipation of its release in the holiday of 2020. This includes the news that the Japanese gaming console giant is currently working on several unannounced next-generation games that could make or break the success of the PS5. Ryan also revealed that one of the company’s tasks is to take the community and help it to transition from PS4 to PS5 at a pace and scale that Sony has never done before.

In the past months, multiple images of the alleged PlayStation 5 dev kit have been making rounds online. Ryan acknowledged that Sony is already getting positive feedback from game developers and publishers on the ease they had experienced when they were able to get code running on Sony’s next-generation gaming console. The CEO even quoted the developers saying that their experience is way beyond any experience they have had on any other PS platform.

Sony’s CEO is confident in what the PlayStation 5 has to offer and to deliver its promise; he acknowledged that PlayStation just needs to globalize. Ryan shared that Sony intends to leverage the opportunities that globalization provides. One is through the productization of PS5, the definition of the feature set, as well as through the implementation of these features.

Ryan revealed that the process has been more streamlined, unlike anything Sony has done in the past. Product planners are conducting only one conversation instead of three different regional conversations, Ryan added. Unfortunately, the Sony CEO did not reveal more details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 titles. But expect to hear more news about Sony’s next-generation gaming console between now and its release window.