• Sony earlier postponed the scheduled PS5 reveal event 
  • PS5 is still on track on its holiday 2020 release window
  • New Sony document reveals internal workings of PS5 devkit which explains its radical design

Sony recently confirmed that it decided to postpone the scheduled PS5 event. While fans are waiting for the date of the much-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal event, a recent patent filed by the Japanese gaming console maker was recently spotted online. Many fans believe that the Sony document hints at the reason behind the radical design of the PS5 devkit.

A newly published patent filed by Sony at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is offering a more in-depth insight into the radical design of the PS5 devkit. It looks like the devkit's inner workings provide the idea of the final design of the devkit and the features that its hardware could offer.

One of the significant parts of the design of the PS5 devkit is its cooling system. It turns out that the V-shape that occupies almost half of the console plays a crucial role since it houses six various fans. Three individual fans on each side of the V-shape are aligned to ensure that the entire console gets the best ventilation. One wing that houses the fans is in charge of cooling the APU while the other wing cools the power supply.

Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said PlayStation logo. Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

The Sony patent also reveals that the PS5 devkit has a vapor chamber that utilizes advanced liquid cooling to maintain the right temperature of the  APU. The vapor chamber design of the PS5 devkit is crucial and efficient in dispersing the heat in a wide area. It also enables the use of cooling materials like heat pipes and fans to ensure faster heat dissipation and cooling than traditional solutions.

More importantly, the v-shape design of the PS5 devkit, as described in the Sony patent, serves as a necessary but great heat solution. It offers more surface open to the air, which allows for excellent airflow and faster cooling. It is also the reason why the sides of the PS5 devkit are open. It is worth mentioning that while the devkit might share some similarities with the final PS5 gaming console, it is only for developers and not for commercial use.

Sony is anticipated to announce the date of the PS5 reveal event. It has earlier confirmed that its next generation gaming console is still on its track to the holiday 2020 release window.