Sony admitted today that the names, e-mail, and passwords of Sony Ericsson Canada website users has been stolen by the hackers.

The site has been shut down. However, more than 2,000 consumers have had their personal data stolen from the site, including their e-mails, passwords and telephone numbers. The hacker's already posted nearly 1,000 of the records online.

No credit card information was taken in the latest security breach according to the Sony spokesperson.

It was the fifth time Sony's site was hacked in the last four days. Sony says all four websites have been temporarily shut down.

The continuing cyber assault on Sony follows the April attack on PlayStation Network which was the largest theft of consumer data in history. The data breach will result in at least a $170 million hit in currently known costs to operating profit this financial year in terms of insurance and damages.

Sony is will make its full fiscal year financial report tomorrow for the period ending March 31.