• The gaming industry was anticipating for the rumored announcement of the pre-order details, specific release date and price of the PS5
  • The rumored announcement did not happen but Sony launchd an event focused on DualSense Controller
  • At the stream a Sony executive shared some information about the pre-order details of the PS5

Sony finally speaks up following a series of leaks and rumors surrounding pre-order details of the PS5. A week ago, several industry insiders claimed that Sony would announce pre-order details, price and specific release date of the upcoming next-gen gaming console. While the claims did not materialize, more leaks about the pre-order details of the PS5 surfaced online.

Sony' Issued Statement About PS5 Pre-Order

Since the PS5 pre-order pages did not go live last week, some fans wonder when to hear news and updates about the gaming console. Interestingly, Gamespot reported a recent stream centered on the PS5 companion DualSense Controller, where Sony's VP for Marketing Eric Lempel clarified something. According to him, gamers would be given enough warning before PS5 pre-orders go live.

From this statement, fans can expect that Sony would announce a particular date and time for the PS5 pre-orders ahead of time. The executive's recent statement is an assurance that the official pre-order pages of the PS5 would just go live one day without any warnings. Lempel was also asked about the rumors circulating online, claiming that the price and specific release date of the PS5 would be announced.

PlayStation 5 console
Sony released this picture on June 11 of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, without revealing pricing or a launch date. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Lempel told Keighley in the stream that Sony has nothing to do with it. He shared that someone told him people are already lining up at stores. The executives assured fans that Sony would inform the industry when pre-orders would happen, adding that it won't be with a minute's notice. "We're going to, at some point, let you know when you can pre-order PlayStation 5," Lempel added.

PS5 Pre-Order Detail Discovered

Meanwhile, PushSquare earlier reported about a crucial PS5 pre-order detail spotted by a ResetEra forum member. According to the fan, digging through the official PlayStation page's source code allowed them to uncover an error message, which could hint about a crucial PS5 pre-order detail. The error message reportedly reveals that consumers can only make one PS5 pre-order at a time.

It is worth mentioning that Sony has not yet issued any statements about this claim. It is smarter to take this information with a good measure of salt.