Sony's head-mounted display “Personal 3D Viewer” (HMZ-T1)

Sony has announced the launch of its head-mounted 3D display for viewing 3D movies and playing PS3 in 3D.

Earlier this year, Sony had showcased the product's demo in CES 2011. Now the company is set to release its product in the market.

The new head-mounted Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1 is scheduled to be released in Japan on Nov. 11. It enables the user to watch 3D or 2D pictures on a movie theater-like virtual screen through its two 1280x720 0.7-inch high-definition OLED panels mounted in front of each eye giving an equivalent experience similar to viewing a 750-inch screen from 60 feet away.

The head-mounted display is the first of its kind, according to Sony.

While the design has changed slightly from the one showcased earlier, the other features are the same -- 5.1 surround sound from headphones integrated into the Head Mounted Display.

The built-in HDMI output switcher enables both the HMD and television to be connected to the processor unit simultaneously, thereby allowing the user to switch between devices for their desired output destination.

The viewer can enjoy natural and bright 3D picture quality that is crosstalk-free, according to the press release by Sony.

The device is equipped with a wearable sensor that automatically turns off the panel if the viewer is not wearing the product. Sony says it is not meant for children under 15.