• "River Where The Moon Rises" premiered on Feb. 15
  • KBS has currently halted all filming schedules for the drama
  • They are in talks with Actor Na In-Woo to take over as main lead

South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo was starred as the main lead in "River Where The Moon Rises" has been removed from the cast amid the recent school violence and bullying controversy.

Earlier this week, Kim was accused of committing multiple offenses and being a juvenile delinquent by several people. A day later, the actor responded by posting a handwritten letter admitting to all the claims and apologized for his actions.

Following this, KBS, the broadcasting agency of "River Where The Moon Rises," halted the filming schedule of the drama Thursday to take a decision about the actor’s stay in it.

On March 5, KBS officially announced that they have ultimately decided to part ways with Kim due to the severity of the controversy.

"Ji Soo, who has recently become the center of controversy, will be stepping down from ‘River Where the Moon Rises. We are currently in discussions with the production company about our next steps," a spokesperson from the channel said, according to Soompi.

The production team also mentioned that they are on the lookout for a replacement actor while discussing various measures related to the future of the drama.

On the same day, Cube Entertainment revealed that they are in discussions with KBS about casting actor Na In-Woo as the replacement of Kim for the role of On Dal in the series.

"Na In Woo has received an offer to join 'River Where the Moon Rises' in the role of On Dal, and he is currently reviewing the offer," a representative from the agency said, as per Soompi.

The historical drama which premiered on Feb. 15 has aired a total of six episodes so far. It was also revealed that the filming of 18 episodes out of the 20-episode series had already been completed.

Meanwhile, it is unclear if KBS will be airing the upcoming episodes of "River Where The Moon Rises" that were scheduled for March 8 and 9 as discussions over it are still on-going.

South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo
South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo aka Jisoo attends the photocall for "Golden Goose Deluxe Brand" Venice Foundations Pop-Up Store Opening on August 3, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. Han Myung-Gu/WireImage