• Many came forward claiming to be victims of Kim Ji-Soo's bullying
  • The 27-year-old made his acting debut in 2009
  • He is currently starring  in the popular series "River Where the Moon Rises"

South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo's agency released an official statement regarding the recent bullying allegations against the actor, ensuring they will look into the matter and do their best to resolve it.

The 27-year-old made his acting debut in 2009 and gained popularity for his role in the 2015 high school drama "Angry Mom." He has since acted in numerous popular dramas including "My First First Love," "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo," "Strong Girl Bong-soon," and more.

On Tuesday, an anonymous person uploaded a post online claiming to be a former classmate of Kim, and accused the actor of being a perpetrator of school violence. They also alleged he was a juvenile delinquent, and claimed that Kim and his delinquent friends committed a series of offenses including violence, blackmailing, using abusive language, and more.

The post soon went viral, and several others who claimed to be victims of Kim's bullying also shared their experiences.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim's management agency, responded to the claims with an official statement that read as follows:

"Hello. This is Keyeast. This is our position on the content in the posts about our actor Ji Soo that are being spread around online communities. We are looking at this incident seriously and will do our utmost to verify the facts."

"First, as a very long time has passed since the time that is being addressed, we ask for your understanding about needing time to verify the truth. We will receive reports through email ( about this matter and collect the information as is without distorting anything. Moreover, if the creator of the posts and the others who came forward will allow, we would like to directly hear their thoughts."

The agency also mentioned that in addition to confirming the facts, they will do their best to resolve the matter and apologized for the causing concern.

"However, apart from this issue, we earnestly ask you to avoid creating and posting parts that have not been confirmed from the information that is being spread indiscreetly," the statement added, according to Soompi.

Meanwhile, Kim is currently starring as the main lead in the popular ongoing historical series "River Where the Moon Rises" alongside actress Kim So-Hyun. An official from the drama production team stated that they were in talks regarding the allegations, and will follow up with a decision in the near future. 

South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo South Korean actor Kim Ji-Soo aka Jisoo attends the photocall for "Golden Goose Deluxe Brand" Venice Foundations Pop-Up Store Opening on August 3, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage