The latest Spider-Man game will reportedly be coming out this year. According to a livestream with Marvel Digital Media vice president Ryan Penagos, the exclusive PlayStation 4 title will potentially be coming out in 2017.

Via reddit user GamingSince95 and IGN, here’s the relevant clip of the broadcast:

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In the clip, Penagos also reconfirmed that Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, the latest entry in the long-running crossover fighting game series would be coming out this year for PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

As IGN noted, the announcement comes with some qualifiers, as Penagos doesn’t directly work with Marvel’s games division. And while the upcoming Spider-Man film Spider-Man: Homecoming will be out this summer, the game won’t necessarily be a tie-in with the film.

In an interview with Polygon last summer, Marvel vice president of games Jay Ong didn’t rule out a Marvel game being tied to a film release, but said the old film tie-in game release model was outdated.

"Things like [games] you cannot under-resource," Ong said to Polygon. "You can't not give the development time ... to do justice to the game. We think, 'How do we make the game better? How do we help our partners make the game better?'”

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man was initially revealed at E3 2016. The title comes from developer Insomniac Games, best known for game franchises including the Ratchet & Clank series.