“Splatoon 2” is not releasing on the Nintendo Switch until this summer, but fans can already have access to play the third-person shooter later this month. Since the game is only available on Nintendo’s newest console, only players with the Switch can access the demo.

On Tuesday, Nintendo updated its product page for “Splatoon 2” to include details for the free demo. Interested players can already download the demo, but the free session won’t go live until next weekend (starting on March 24). The demo clocks in at 408MB, so surely fans wouldn’t find this a burden given the Switch has 32 GB built-in memory.

To download the game, one should log onto the Switch eShop and search for “Splatoon 2 Global Testfire.” It’s already available on the North American storefront, as well as the Japanese storefront. If It’s not showing up there, players are advised to wait for it to roll out in their region. Destructoid also suggests creating an account on the Japanese eShop, but it’s best to just wait for it.

It is important to take note that the “Splatoon 2” demo will only be available for six short play sessions with each session lasting only for one hour. All six will only be accessible during the three-day event and the demo is limited to 4v4 matches.

Interestingly, the demo will allow players to access four new weapons, as well as remixed versions of the Splat Roller and the Splat Charger. IGN got the chance to preview the upcoming game at the Nintendo Switch presentation in Tokyo, Japan and the games and entertainment news site says it is an upgrade compared to the original game.

As a successor to the 2015 hit third-person shooter, Nintendo says fans of the original game can expect “some familiar characters” to show up alongside the new ones when the game launches this summer.

Check out Nintendo’s product page for “Splatoon 2” to know more details about the game.