Spotify, like any other streaming platform, is constantly collecting data about its users based on what they listen to. One minor benefit of this is that the service can produce slick, informative “year in review” lists that show each user what they listened to the most in any given year.

Any Spotify user who wants to get a broad view of their music listening habits in 2018 can use Spotify’s Wrapped website. All it takes is logging in to a Spotify account and the website will display detailed information about which artists, songs and genres they listened to the most in 2018.

It will start by showing what the first song they listened to in 2018 was, as well. If they listened to music on Spotify more than they did in 2017, the website will calculate by how much. Finally, it will generate playlists of the top 100 songs they listened to in 2018, and songs they should listen to in 2019 to expand their musical horizons.