It’s time to open up the windows and say goodbye to winter. Spring is finally here, and that also means time to whip out the rubber gloves and disinfecting solution. Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task, so to make things a little easier, here are some tips to help with the housework.

It Will Probably Take More Than One Day

Spring cleaning rarely get completed in a day. Alexandra Ross, president of Professional Organizers in Canada, told the Huffington Post it depends on the size of someone’s space. "Depending on the size of your house and your availability, spring cleaning should take between two days and a week," she said.

Go to the Store

First, the proper cleaning supplies are needed. A local grocery store will most likely have every item that is needed. Going green is a good idea for homes with children who have allergies. For example, mixing white vinegar with water can replace glass cleaners. Or a three-part baking soda, one-part water paste can be used to polish silver or get rid of stains in the kitchen, How Stuff Works wrote.

Say Goodbye to Winter

Why keep around things that aren’t needed? The weather is presumably warmer, so it’s time to pack away the heavy winter clothes in pest-proof bags and containers. USA Today advised putting them in a cedar bar. Clothes that weren’t worn this season or probably won’t be worn next either can be donated.

Make a List

Making of list of every task that needs to get done will help with the organization. Set a game plan. Take it room by room. Both parents should chip in, but having children clean their own rooms may get them distracted.

Freshen Sheets for Next Year

Wash winter blankets, sheets and comforters. USA Today notes that vacuum bags or containers can be used for airtight storage. Throwing in a sock that’s scented with a few drops of essential oils or adding fabric softener sheet to the bag or container will help the contents smell nice for their next use.

The Kitchen

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the bedrooms. Getting rid of expired foods can help clean the shelves. Empty the freezer and make sure food items are labeled and dated. It’s a good idea to toss items that are more than six months old.

Get Moving

Since intense spring cleaning only happens once a year, make sure to remove all decorative items and pieces of furniture so it’s easy to dust behind them. Don’t forget ceiling fans, if there are any. Don’t forget to wash the floors and bed sheets and dust furniture. When everything is done, adding a vase of fresh flowers or a new candle will give the room a nice feel.

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